AnnouncementsIf You Were A Standard, Which One Would You Be? (2022 Edition)

If You Were A Standard, Which One Would You Be? (2022 Edition)

As part of the NISO Plus scholarship application process, we ask applicants to tell us which standard they would be, and why. It’s an optional — and fun! — question, and reading their answers is always one of the high points of the review process. We are happy to share the responses from this year’s cohort with you, in alphabetical order. Elham Abdallah (Assistant University Librarian for Public Services and Research, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon): ​​I would be ANSI/NISO Z39.18-2005 (R2010) Scientific and Technical Reports – Preparation, Presentation, and Preservation Standard to enhance my reports and presentations skills …

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NISO Plus 2022 Wrap-Up

  Now that the dust has settled after NISO Plus 2022, we are happy to share a summary of this year’s conference with you, including some statistics, feedback from attendees, and next steps! The numbers With over 630 registered attendees, participation this year was lower than last year’s 850 registrants. However, we had proportionally more registrations from outside the US — close to 27% of the total, compared with 22% in 2021; and from 28 countries, compared with 26 last year. Increasing global participation is one of NISO’s strategic goals, so we are happy to be making progress toward this. …

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NISO Plus 2022 Slides Now Available!

Whether or not you attended this year’s NISO Plus, we’re happy to share around 50 slide decks from the conference, which are now openly available on the NISO Plus repository, hosted by sponsor Figshare. There are now over 120 NISO Plus slide decks and other outputs available on the repository, which have been viewed nearly 20,000 times, with over 4,500 downloads. Content includes keynotes by danah boyd (2020), Amy Brand (2020), and Katharina Ruckstuhl (2022), as well as presentations by experts from around the world, on topics ranging from accessibility and authentication to retractions and software citations. The recorded sessions …