The Advisory Committee works with NISO staff to help us make sure that, as we expand our NISO Plus events and activities, they continue to meet our goal of creating a place where conversations become outcomes, which become projects, that yield solutions for the information community. The Advisory Committee represents stakeholders from around the world, from both NISO member and non-member organizations. They include representatives from our Board, our DEIA Committee, and the NISO Plus scholarship program; representatives from the Advisory Committee also serve on the NISO Plus Planning Committee each year.

Melroy Almeida (Australian Access Federation, Australia)

Cliff Anderson (Vanderbilt University, USA) 

Mohamed Ba-Essa (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia)

Christopher Chan (Hong Kong Baptist Library, Hong Kong)

Jonathan Clark (DOI Foundation, Croatia)

Stephanie Dawson (ScienceOpen, Germany)

Alison Denby (Oxford University Press, USA)

Nicoleta-Roxana Dinu (National Library of Romania, Romania)

Greg Grazevich (Modern Language Association, USA)

Hannah Heckner (Silverchair, USA)

Ana Heredia (Consultant, Brazil) 

Andrew Joseph (Wits University Press, South Africa)

Suze Kundu (Digital Science, UK)

Luna (Jessica) Larsen (California Polytechnic State University, USA)

Johanssen Obanda (Jabulani Youths for Transformation (JAY4T), Kenya)

Yasushi Ogasaka (Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, Japan)

Oya Y. Rieger (ITHAKA, USA)

Mark Robertson (CHORUS, Australia) 

Natasha Simons (Australian Research Data Commons, Australia)

Shelley Stall (American Geophysical Union, USA)

Constance Weibrands (Edith Cowan University, Australia)

Amanda Wilson (National Library of Medicine, USA)