Please read this page...most questions you may have are likely to be answered below. If not, at the bottom there are contact instructions, we’re happy to help you in any way we can.

Code of Conduct

The NISO Plus Code of Conduct is in effect for NISO Plus 2021, and the full text and reporting instructions for violations can be found here.

Summary of Tools

Go Here First

Sched (Explore

All roads for NISO Plus begin in Sched! If you log in and click on any session during the conference, you will see a link that looks like this:

That link will take you wherever you need to go for the Session in question

If you’re registered for the conference, your Sched login will let you build a personalized schedule, and opening any session will display the links to  view the video recording for the session, to join the discussion in Zoom, or to access any of the other tools we’re using. Start all your NISO Plus 2021 journeys here! 

Other Tools (Explore

Perhaps the most unusual — and least familiar — tool we’re using, is a rather different sort of virtual networking  space.  You are represented by a small video-game-esque avatar that you move around by using the arrow keys on your keyboard; as you approach other attendees’ avatars, you will start to hear and see them in “real life” via their camera and mic. We are going to be using for our social events, as well as keeping the space open for attendees during the entire conference, so that you can hang out, find friends, hold an impromptu meeting, or just relax. Please plan to join us in for a virtual cocktail/mocktail party (sponsored by Crossref) and an art event/show (sponsored by EBSCO), as well as to play  games, relax in front of a video, and more. 

We’ve created some preliminary instructions for how works here and, if you’re attending the conference, look out for a sneak-preview invitation to hang out with us there the week before the conference. 

Cadmore Media

NISO Plus member and sponsor, Cadmore Media, is our video partner for the conference.

When each session starts, you simply need to click the Video link in Sched to launch the “watch party” for the recorded session. Everyone will watch “together”, interacting with each other and the speakers via the Chat functionality. Once the “watch party” viewing of the video ends, attendees will see a link to the Zoom room where we’ll be hosting a discussion about each topic. 

Zoom (Explore

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain Zoom to anyone at this point in time! It’s the platform we will be using for live, real-time conversations during the conference, as well as for a handful of live sessions (some of the keynotes, the awards ceremony, and the lightning talks). Zoom’s helpful range of tools (breakout rooms, polling, live chat, video, etc) will enable and enhance the interactive elements of NISO Plus 2021 everyone. 

Discourse (Explore

Finally, each session will have a thread associated with it on the NISO Discourse community forum. Discourse is a forum platform that allows ongoing discussions threaded around specific topics. We have chosen to use Discourse because we hope that attendees and speakers will want to continue the conversations we start at NISO Plus after the event. And, because the conference itself is spread across so many time zones, we also want to have a tool in place to enable asynchronous discussions so that everyone can participate, wherever they are located, even if they can’t be available for the Zoom conversation.