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Early Bird Registration Opens For NISO Plus 2022

In just over four months (February 15-17, 2022), we will be opening our virtual doors for the NISO Plus 2022 conference — and you can now reserve your place! We’re delighted to announce that registration is officially open and, thanks to our generous sponsors, we are once again able to keep the cost of attendance affordable for all. As well as the early bird discount (good through January 7, 2022), we are also offering discounted rates for members, for groups of five plus, and for students, unemployed, retirees, and those from lower-income countries. NISO Plus 2021 was a great success …

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 A Warm NISO Plus Welcome to our 2022 Planning Committee!

Believe it or not, there’s less than six months to go till NISO Plus 2022! Time for us to start the planning process in earnest — and who better to help than our amazing Planning Committee? We are so lucky to once again have the support of a diverse group of volunteers from around the world — a mix of familiar faces from last year and new ones for this year. They hail from 12 countries and all continents (except Antarctica) and from organizations large and small, commercial and not-for-profit, from across the information community — librarians, publishers, service and …

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News about NISO Plus Sponsorship Recipients 

One of our favorite things about NISO Plus is our scholarship program. Supported by the Alfred B Sloan Foundation in 2020, and by Digital Science in 2021, it enables information professionals whose voices are underrepresented or unrepresented to attend the NISO Plus conference and to engage with our work. Our first two cohorts of scholarship recipients are nothing if not diverse. They hail from every continent (except Antarctica!) and represent all our stakeholder groups—librarians, content providers, service and infrastructure providers, and more. Some scholarship winners are still students, others are well-established in their careers, but they all share a passion …

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Join the Early Birds—Book Your 2022 NISO Plus Sponsorship Now!

Like so many organizations in the information community, NISO is committed to being inclusive and open. So we’re very grateful to everyone whose generous sponsorship has helped ensure that everyone can participate in our annual NISO Plus conference, by keeping it affordable and open to all—including subsidized/free attendance for those who need it. We’re now delighted to share the sponsorship opportunities for NISO Plus 2022! With 850 participants from 24 countries, sponsors were enthusiastic about the opportunity that NISO Plus 2021 provided for engaging with information professionals from around the world. With the support of our fabulous global Planning Committee, …

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ICYMI—Save the Date for NISO Plus 2022!

As you may remember, back in our May Information Organized newsletter, we confirmed the dates for next year’s NISO Plus conference, which will once again be fully virtual and will take place on February 15-17. In case you missed that announcement, we’re happy to share more information here as part of our week of posts about NISO Plus. Why Virtual? We were blown away by the increased participation in NISO Plus 2021 as a result of moving the conference fully online. With the help of our wonderful global planning committee, we were able to be much more global, diverse, inclusive, …


NISO Plus Is Growing!

We’re kicking off a week of posts on this blog with some exciting news about NISO Plus! Following the success of the first two NISO Plus conferences and the scholarship program associated with them (designed to support under- and unrepresented voices in our community), we now plan to develop the NISO Plus concept further, in support of our strategic plan. Like the conference, the broader NISO Plus program will be: Global: connecting information professionals around the world Discussion-based: fostering conversations between all stakeholders in the information community Productive: facilitating the collaboration needed to create impactful outputs Inclusive: welcoming and accessible …

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NISO Plus 2021 Highlights 

Although it’s just two years old, the NISO Plus conference is already a highlight of our year, so we’re delighted that many of our colleagues and friends in the information community, who attended, seem to feel the same way! We’ll be sharing their formal feedback in a few weeks, when we publish the results of the post-conference survey but, in the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of some of the things they told us they liked best. Speakers and content. A whopping 98% of respondents found the overall quality of speakers and content either valuable or extremely valuable — a …

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NISO Plus 2021 by the Numbers!

Thanks to the hard work and support of many wonderful individuals and organizations around the world, our second NISO Plus conference (February 22-25) went better than we could have hoped! We’re starting to collect formal feedback from attendees and speakers, which we will share next month but, in the meantime, we thought you’d like to see some facts and figures (plus a few quotes) that sum up our first virtual annual conference, as well as this great visualization of the conference, courtesy of speaker Dario Rodighiero. A huge thank you to everyone who participated!


#NISOPlus21 – It’s Happening!

After more than six months of planning, the NISO Plus 2021 conference is actually here! We’ll be kicking things off today at 10.30am EST (Canada/US) / 3.30pm (GMT) / 4.30pm and live tweeting from the plenary sessions so, even if you’re unable to attend, you can still follow along (@NISOInfo, #NISOPlus21). NISO Plus wouldn’t be possible without the help of our amazing community of volunteers and supporters, and we want to take a few minutes to thank them all again: The NISO Plus 2021 Planning Committee. The 27 wonderful individuals from 11 countries around the world who helped us develop, …


Meet the NISO Plus 2021 Scholarship Winners!

As part of our commitment to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community, NISO actively seeks out opportunities to include those who are underrepresented or marginalized. Our scholarship program is a great example of this work in practice. Now in its second year, it enables us to include and amplify the voices of those who are otherwise often excluded, as well as to learn from their perspectives and ensure that they have opportunities for growth in our organization. We have loved working with our first cohort of NISO Plus scholarship recipients, many of whom are now deeply involved in …