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How to Sponsor NISO Plus

Sponsorship of the inaugural 2020 conference will deliver your organization increased awareness, brand building, and build connections in your target market. Sponsorship is a cost-effective way to create visibility, recognition, and generate business for your organization. We are planning for 200+ attendees this year, roughly doubling the size of the previous NFAIS conferences by expanding and extending through areas of interest to the NISO community. 

As a sponsor of NISO Plus, your organization not only supports NISO’s efforts to increase the communication within the global information industry, you will have the unique opportunity to connect with a variety of forward- looking individuals with your message, to share your company’s expertise, build your brand among the community, and expand your client base.

If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring the NISO Plus conference, the Sponsorship Packet is available below.