The Japan Open Science Summit (JOSS) is the country’s largest open science conference, attended by researchers, university librarians, IT and infrastructure professionals, policy-makers, and more. This year’s conference is taking place online from June 6-10. Thanks to the efforts of two members of the NISO Plus Advisory Committee — Yasushi Ogasaka and Mark Robertson — NISO is privileged to be presenting a panel session on Information Standards and the Global Research Infrastructure (June 7, 10  –11.30am Tokyo/June 6, 9-10.30pm EDT).

Information standards — from accessibility to XML — are a critical element of the global research infrastructure that supports open science. In this session, we’ll be talking about our work with the global information community to identify new and changing needs, and to develop openly available standards and recommended practices to meet those needs — technical specifications, taxonomies, workflows, and more.

Our session will provide an overview of information standards in general, interactions with the Japanese information community, and, specifically, NISO standards  — why they are needed, how they are developed, and how they are being used. This includes the role of the NISO Plus conference in identifying new and emerging standard requirements, and an in-depth look at several information standards, both existing and in development. We’ll also cover ways that everyone can get involved in NISO’s work, including helping to identify new areas of need, volunteering for a working group, and sharing experiences of implementing standards.

We’re lucky to have a great lineup of speakers from Japan and the US; slides will be available in both languages, and we are also providing synchronous translations.

  • Yasushi Ogasaka, Director, Department of R&D for Future Creation, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) – Moderator
  • Jason Griffey, Director of Strategic Initiatives, NISO
  • Alison McGonagle O’Connell, Consultant
  • Makoto Murata, Project Professor, Keio University
  • Ritsuko Nakajima, Director, Department for Information Infrastructure, Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST)
  • Mary Sauer-Games, Vice President of Global Product Management, OCLC and NISO Board Chair
  • Jodi Schneider, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Increasing international engagement with NISO, as well as the worldwide impact of our work, is an important element of our strategic goal to improve diversity and inclusion. Participating in JOSS takes us a step closer to achieving that goal!

NOTE: You are also invited to attend the CHORUS forum on research integrity at JOSS: June 8, 10:00 –11:30 AM Japan time.

Registration for both events will open shortly here — attendance is free!

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