We here at NISO are working busily in the background (along with our amazing planning committee), sorting through dozens and dozens of proposed topics for sessions and panels at NISO Plus 2022, and wanted to give you just a taste of the sessions that are starting to come together. Lots more info over the next few weeks, including another Keynote announcement (joining Dr. Siva Vaidhyanathan).

Session Topics

  • Role of the information community in ensuring information is authoritative – a critical look at practices and processes (peer review, preprints, crowdsourcing)
  • Working towards a more ethical information community: Green Technology & UN sustainability goals
  • DEBATE: Open Everything – for or against?
  • Archiving and digital preservation (Textual, A/V, GIS and Digital Design, Structured Data, Software, etc)
  • Multilingualism in scholarly communications (including peer review)
  • Globalization of the information economy: challenges and opportunities
  • AI and machine learning – less theory, more practice (exponential growth, new search types)
  • Alternative forms of research assessment and impact
  • Indigenous knowledge, standards, and knowledge management (including archiving)
  • Archiving and preservation of newer/less-common types of born-digital objects (Video Games, Google formats, etc.)
  • Open access implementation pain points
  • DEBATE: Centralized vs decentralized information systems – issues of trust of and control
  • Accessibility in the information ecosystem beyond text