Camera, lighting, and perspective

  • A webcam with a resolution of at least 720HD is strongly recommended when recording live via screen encoding software, e.g., Zoom
  • Test your camera and clean the lens if necessary.
  • Make sure your lighting is evenly distributed.  Optimal lighting can significantly improve the image produced by your camera.  An LED ring light can be helpful, positioned behind your screen.
  • Check the positioning of your camera.  It should be placed at eye level and in landscape format.  In the image, your head should not touch the top of the screen.  If necessary, elevate your device to make sure this is the case.

Audio tips

  • Audio is more important, overall, than video.
  • If you prefer not to wear a headset, using a clip-on or free-standing microphone is helpful.
  • It is better if you close all windows in the room.
  • Disable notifications from messenger aps on your devices to avoid background noise and distractions.
  • Close all unneeded programs on your computer.
  • Close all windows in the room and close the door to mitigate background noise.


  • Avoid finely patterned clothing (i.e., plaids, checks, houndstooth), since they can cause jagged lines and a choppy image.


  • We recommend rehearsing your session at least once and timing yourself while you do so.