What You Told Us About #NISOPlus21 

“Thank you to all. Well done conference, THE BEST virtual conference I have attended since 2020 and I have attended a lot virtually. A great mix of ALL essential components: 1) scheduling, 2) thought leaders/keynotes, 3) social events, 4) regular sessions and topics, 5) technology worked!” With about 850 participants, NISO Plus 2021 was the largest event NISO has ever hosted, by a huge margin. It was also the first time we’d ever run such a large virtual event. So we really wanted to find out how it went from the people who really count – our speakers and moderators, …

Feedback#NISOPlus20 Feedback — What We Learned From Your Feedback

#NISOPlus20 Feedback — What We Learned From Your Feedback

Judging from the comments on Twitter throughout NISO Plus 2020, as well as conversations with attendees during and after the event, we were pretty confident that our inaugural conference had gone well overall. But we also wanted to dig deeper and find out more about what worked best and what was less successful; whether we met the expectations of all our stakeholder groups; and whether we succeeded in achieving our own goals for the conference. So, like all good conference organizers, we invited attendees to tell us what they really thought in a feedback survey — and were delighted to …