After more than six months of planning, the NISO Plus 2021 conference is actually here! We’ll be kicking things off today at 10.30am EST (Canada/US) / 3.30pm (GMT) / 4.30pm and live tweeting from the plenary sessions so, even if you’re unable to attend, you can still follow along (@NISOInfo, #NISOPlus21).

NISO Plus wouldn’t be possible without the help of our amazing community of volunteers and supporters, and we want to take a few minutes to thank them all again:

  • The NISO Plus 2021 Planning Committee. The 27 wonderful individuals from 11 countries around the world who helped us develop, shape, and implement what we think is a really outstanding program. You’ll be hearing from many of them this week, as speakers and/or moderators.
  • Our sponsors. The 28 generous organizations that have enabled us to achieve our goal of keeping registration low enough that anyone who wants to can attend NISO Plus 2021. From large corporations to small not-for-profits, we are grateful to each and every one.
  • Our speakers and moderators. An incredible 173 people are speaking on and/or moderating sessions at NISO Plus 2021 – by far the most of any event we’ve organized. Having listened in to most of their presentations during the recording sessions, we are so impressed with the quality and appreciative of all the effort that has gone into them.

Of course, we are also very grateful to everyone who is attending the conference – over 800 of you, from every continent except Antarctica! We hope you’ll enjoy participating as much as we’ve enjoyed planning. And, if you get the chance, please be sure to thank our Planning Committee members, sponsors, speakers, and moderators for making NISO Plus 2021 a reality!

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