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Meet the NISO Plus 2021 Scholarship Winners!

As part of our commitment to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community, NISO actively seeks out opportunities to include those who are underrepresented or marginalized. Our scholarship program is a great example of this work in practice. Now in its second year, it enables us to include and amplify the voices of those who are otherwise often excluded, as well as to learn from their perspectives and ensure that they have opportunities for growth in our organization. We have loved working with our first cohort of NISO Plus scholarship recipients, many of whom are now deeply involved in …


Buy Five, Get Five Free — NISO Plus Group Discounts

As part of NISO’s ongoing commitment to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community, one of our key goals for NISO Plus 2021 was to enable much broader participation by information professionals from around the world and across all our stakeholder groups, including libraries, publishing organizations, and the service providers that support them. So we’re delighted to say that, as of today, around 550 people have registered for NISO Plus 2021, more than double the number who attended the in-person conference last year. One of the drivers of this dramatic increase in registration is the low cost of attendance. …

AnnouncementsDr Norihiro Hagita

Dr. Norihiro Hagita Announced as Fourth NISO Plus 2021 Keynote

We are delighted to announce our fourth and final keynote speaker for this year’s NISO Plus conference. Dr. Norihiro Hagita will introduce us to the Japan Science & Technology Agency’s Moonshot Program 1, for which he is Program Director. The JST Moonshot Program Goal 1 aims to overcome the challenges of a declining birthrate, aging population, and associated labor shortage by realizing a society in which human beings can be free from limitations of body, brain, space, and time by 2050. In his keynote, Dr. Hagita will address his team’s plans for developing core technologies related to cyborgs and avatars …