As part of NISO’s ongoing commitment to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community, one of our key goals for NISO Plus 2021 was to enable much broader participation by information professionals from around the world and across all our stakeholder groups, including libraries, publishing organizations, and the service providers that support them. So we’re delighted to say that, as of today, around 550 people have registered for NISO Plus 2021, more than double the number who attended the in-person conference last year.

One of the drivers of this dramatic increase in registration is the low cost of attendance. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we’ve been able to offer registration from as little as US$30 for students, early career and unemployed information professionals, and those based outside the 30 wealthiest nations.

But perhaps the biggest bargain of all is the group discount option, which allows organizations to get a discount of about 10% when they buy five tickets AND to then add up to five additional registrations for free! NISO members get an additional discount on top of this. For as little as US$45.50 per person for groups of 10 from member organizations and $70 per person for groups of 10 non-members, it’s no wonder group registrations have been selling like the proverbial hotcakes!

Based on feedback from organizations that are taking up this option, it’s clear that many view it as a great opportunity to support staff development. It’s seen as especially valuable for those who typically don’t attend industry conferences like ours, perhaps because of their job function or career stage. Which is great news for NISO too, because it’s helping us achieve our goal of seeking out opportunities to include members of our community who are under-represented and making sure that their voices are heard. (Our NISO Plus scholarship program is also focused on this — more on that very soon!)

So, if your organization is looking for low-cost, high-impact ways to support staff development, a group registration for NISO Plus 2021 could be just what you need! You’ll have access to an amazing program of 150 speakers from around the world, including keynotes by Cory Doctorow, Margaret Sraku-Lartey, Miles Conrad Awardee Heather Joseph, Dr. Norihiro Hagita, and Zeynep Tufekci, and you’ll be able to join the conversation with hundreds of other information professionals about the opportunities and challenges for our community both today and tomorrow.

We hope to see you there!

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