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NISO Plus 2022 Closing Keynote Is Dr. Katharina Ruckstuhl

More exciting NISO Plus 2022 news! We’re delighted to announce that Dr. Katharina Ruckstuhl will be delivering our closing keynote, at 9.00pm (ET) on February 17. Dr. Ruckstuhl is an Associate Dean and Senior Research Fellow at the Otago Business School and is the Māori lead of a major New Zealand ‘grand challenge’, Science for Technological Innovation. She has leadership roles with her tribe of Ngāi Tahu, is an ORCID Board member, and a member of the IEEE working party on standards for Indigenous people’s data. She has published on Māori language, mining, Māori economy and Māori science and technology.  …


Margaret Sraku-Lartey Confirmed as Second NISO Plus 2021 Keynote!

We are delighted to announce our second keynote for NISO Plus 2021 — Margaret Sraku-Lartey, Principal Librarian at CSIR-Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (CSIR-FORIG) Margaret has a passion for supporting local Indigenous People — for unearthing the knowledge that exists at the local indigenous level, and harnessing it within the information ecosystem to propel communities into higher realms of development. As a professional librarian, Margaret is concerned about the lack of clear guidelines in the management of indigenous knowledge. She is committed to working toward the provision of standard guidelines for the management of such local knowledge, which can only …