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We’re kicking off a week of posts on this blog with some exciting news about NISO Plus! Following the success of the first two NISO Plus conferences and the scholarship program associated with them (designed to support under- and unrepresented voices in our community), we now plan to develop the NISO Plus concept further, in support of our strategic plan.

Like the conference, the broader NISO Plus program will be:

  • Global: connecting information professionals around the world
  • Discussion-based: fostering conversations between all stakeholders in the information community
  • Productive: facilitating the collaboration needed to create impactful outputs
  • Inclusive: welcoming and accessible to everyone engaged or interested in the information community
  • High-quality: recognized for its content, innovation, and high levels of active participation
  • Delightful: enjoyable, engaging, inspiring

We’ll be sharing more news about our plans for the program in the coming months. Along with continuing to hold an annual NISO Plus virtual conference, we will also be exploring opportunities to hold other smaller and more focused in-person meetings, some of which will be built around existing events like our annual Humanities Roundtable. We hope to take NISO Plus on the road—and around the world!—for some of these events, when it’s safe to do so. We also plan to seek additional funding to support and expand the NISO Plus scholarship program and develop a NISO Plus mentorship program.

Of course we can’t do all—or any—of this on our own, so we are delighted to introduce the inaugural NISO Plus Advisory Committee!

  • Cliff Anderson – Vanderbilt University Library (USA)
  • Mohamed Ba-Essa – KAUST (Saudi Arabia)
  • Chris Chan – Hong Kong Baptist University Library (Hong Kong)
  • Jonathan Clark – DOI Foundation and NISO Board member representative (Croatia)
  • Stephanie Dawson – Science Open (Germany)
  • Alison Denby – Oxford University Press (USA)
  • Kelly Denzer – Davidson College Library and NISO Scholarships representative (USA)
  • Greg Grazevich – Modern Language Association (USA)
  • Hannah Heckner, Silverchair (USA)
  • Ana Heredia – Consultant (Brazil)
  • Andrew Joseph – Wits University Press (South Africa)
  • Suze Kundu – Digital Science (UK)
  • Gabriela Mejias – ORCID and NISO DEIA Committee representative (Germany)
  • Oya Y. Rieger – ITHAKA (USA)
  • Mark Robertson – CHORUS (Australia)
  • Natasha Simons – ARDC (Australia)
  • Shelley Stall – AGU (USA)
  • Constance Wiebrands – Edith Cowan University Library (Australia)
  • Amanda Wilson – OET (USA)

These 19 information professionals collectively represent all our main stakeholder groups—librarians, content providers, and the service and infrastructure providers that support them—and they hail from nine countries across six continents. We are very grateful to them for volunteering their time to help us shape and execute this new program!

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