NISO Plus 2022 sponsors This week many of us here in the US, where NISO is based, will be celebrating Thanksgiving. It’s a time for expressing our gratitude, so we want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the 21 organizations that have already committed to sponsoring NISO Plus 2022

Thanks to their generous support we have been able to keep registration fees low — from just $30 for students, early career professionals, unemployed, and those located anywhere other than the 20 highest-income countries. 

They’re also helping us make NISO Plus 2022 both educational and fun, by sponsoring a range of learning sessions, social and networking events, and of course, next year’s NISO Plus scholarship program.

So, this Thanksgiving, please join us in giving thanks to all our sponsors for helping us ensure that NISO Plus 2022 will be a truly inclusive, global event — we are so grateful to you all! And, if your organization is interested in sponsorship opportunities, please check out the options and get in touch!

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