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 A Warm NISO Plus Welcome to our 2022 Planning Committee!

Believe it or not, there’s less than six months to go till NISO Plus 2022! Time for us to start the planning process in earnest — and who better to help than our amazing Planning Committee? We are so lucky to once again have the support of a diverse group of volunteers from around the world — a mix of familiar faces from last year and new ones for this year. They hail from 12 countries and all continents (except Antarctica) and from organizations large and small, commercial and not-for-profit, from across the information community — librarians, publishers, service and …

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Join the Early Birds—Book Your 2022 NISO Plus Sponsorship Now!

Like so many organizations in the information community, NISO is committed to being inclusive and open. So we’re very grateful to everyone whose generous sponsorship has helped ensure that everyone can participate in our annual NISO Plus conference, by keeping it affordable and open to all—including subsidized/free attendance for those who need it. We’re now delighted to share the sponsorship opportunities for NISO Plus 2022! With 850 participants from 24 countries, sponsors were enthusiastic about the opportunity that NISO Plus 2021 provided for engaging with information professionals from around the world. With the support of our fabulous global Planning Committee, …